How do different people around the UK see home, hope and Brexit?

The shock, delight and polarisation of the EU referendum revealed the extent of the divisions within the UK. Many people found that they largely listen to people who agree with them.

We – Ali Avery and Alice Myers – took the triggering of Article 50 as an opportunity. As the UK formally began the process of leaving the European Union, we set out on a listening journey through the four countries of the UK.

We traveled in leaps of 50 miles from Anglesey to Lincolnshire. We knocked on every number 50 door we passed and also spoke to people we met working in their gardens, waiting for buses, walking their dogs and having their hair done.

This is an ongoing project about the practice of listening. Explore the clips on our map and let us know what strikes you, troubles you, surprises you, inspires you – and to what end?

We look forward to hearing from you!